Friday, February 5, 2016

Thirty Mile Zone

I live thirty miles from Times Square, as the LIRR flies, at least. This morning, my Long Island shtetl, I mean village, got socked with about a foot of snow.

The weathermen had only forecast a few inches, so when the snow kept piling up, I started getting awful flashbacks from the blizzard we had a couple of weeks ago. I dug my car out, left early for the city, and hoped that I'd be able to get home tonight.

I was shocked that at the end of my thirty mile journey, I emerged from the subway on 42nd Street to find a clear blue sunny day, not a speck of snow to be seen! The air was a bit brisk, but it could have been an early spring day, not a winter day in February.

Famously, TMZ, the gossip site devoted to the scandals of all manner of celebrities, refers to the "thirty mile zone" (TMZ) that encompasses Hollywood, California. For me today, my thirty mile zone stretched all the way from the North Pole to sunny Manhattan!

PS: The trek home was blessedly uneventful. Yay!

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