Saturday, January 30, 2016

Not Only Accidents

Well, another theatergoer had a bad time of it at the Lyceum last night. In the middle of the show, the unfortunate fellow had chest pains and the show was briefly stopped and he was rushed off to the hospital. Word is the chap is okay.

Just a couple of years ago we had an unfortunate fellow somehow fall out of one of the theater's windows. I remember hearing the loud thud of him hitting the marquis just outside of the theater. Luckily for him, he wound up being okay.

One might get the impression that the Lyceum would be a dangerous place to watch a show, but it's really not. There's been a lot of theater over the years on the east side of Broadway on 45th Street. Only a few accidents or emergencies, relatively speaking.

Spotlight on Broadway: Lyceum Theatre from Spotlight on Broadway on Vimeo.

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