Wednesday, October 7, 2015

War Pigs, Again

If it were only as funny as SpongeBob singing an old Black Sabbath song.

We now have three recent instances of the U.S. Military command engaging in actions, behavior and policy that are affronts to the ideals of this country. It's occasions like these that harken back to Viet Nam era war crimes, and it doesn't portend well for the future of U.S. forays and military adventures overseas.

First, the recent revelation of a policy of ignoring Afghan pedophiles in the fight against the Taliban. Because the Afghans are "allies", orders from on high to not interfere with these crimes against humanity are disgusting and indefensible. There can be no justification for this, and we dishonor ourselves and our cause with this repulsive policy.

Second, the "accidental" bombing of the Doctors Without Borders hospital. In spite of President Obama's apology, there is no credible accountability for this sort of failure of intelligence and mission control. Military planners, enampored with their sleek drone technology have no appreciation for the human beings at the other end of their joystick play. War is hell, no doubt about it, but must we constantly play the role of the Devil?

Third, in the fight in Syria, U.S. military seeking to support Assad opponents and press the fight against Isis now must back off in the face of Russian planes that have now joined to fight to support Assad against all comers. Is the cause of defeating Assad and destroying ISIS now a lower priority than offending Russia? The failure of diplomacy to establish "rules of combat" requires timidity from our forces in the fight against ISIS and Assad? But it's okay to obliterate a hospital?

There's something very wrong here and the military leadership is again displaying the "play not to lose" mentality that undermined the entire misadventure in Viet Nam.

It's deja vu all over again, and it's sickening. 

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