Friday, October 2, 2015

Leading Horses to Water

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Yet another mass shooting by a deranged shooter with legal guns. President Obama correctly points out that these tragedies will continue until the voters demand real laws that will sensibly restrict the unregulated trade in guns.

But there is something else to consider, something that happens whenever there is a major shift in the way society chooses to handle different issues. Laws can be changed, but the minds of people don't readily change when new laws are implemented.

The latest example of this, of course, is the Kentucky county clerk that has obstructed the rights of same sex couples to obtain legal marriage licenses. As usual, "religious freedom" is the straw man argument placed in opposition to freedom to marry. That infamous county clerk is not the only one doing this, and the radical conservatives continue to champion those lawbreakers.

Should we ever succeed in passing sane and sensible limitations on gun ownership, you can count on it not being enforced by radical conservatives that will break the law because they "don't believe in it". There will be some lame brained low level law enforcement officials, lifetime NRA members, that will put their own "beliefs" ahead of their oaths to enforce the law.

And just as surely as that, the radical conservatives will hold these lawbreakers up as "heroes".

It's going to be a long time of wandering in the desert waiting until we can enter the promised land.

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