Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Duet Again!

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Donald Trump and Pope Francis are making me happy. How can two personalities, so incredibly disparate, have anything to do with making me happy?

I just love how both of these fellows are making life miserable for the radical conservatives this political season. Trump, by leading in the polls for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, he is driving the "regular" candidates nuts while leaving them in his dust. No one expected Trump to be able to disrupt the bought and paid for corporate mouthpieces that comprise the herd of no account know-nothings vying for the nomination.

The pundits called Trump a summer fling, but summer has come and gone. The longer he lasts the happier I feel!

Pope Francis has also enraged the radical conservatives, and exposed them for the frauds they are. With Francis espousing a kinder and gentler view of Catholicism in the world, much more focused on caring for the poor and the environment, pious billionaires are infuriated at being scolded for their greed and gluttonous accumulation of wealth at the expense of the poor.

Radical conservatives have always fetishized the role of religion in justifying their slavish dedication to their true God, unfettered capitalism. Having the leader of a billion Catholics decrying their behavior on the world stage has put them in the position of blasting the Pope and his forays into the secular world and its issues. Funny, they always liked when Pope John Paul II did that. Double standards are typical of this crowd.

In any case, Pope Francis is doing a number on these creeps, and I love it.

Reality TV was never this good!

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