Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Baseball Decadence

I was surprised by an alert on my phone that the Yankees were playing a day game today in Boston. What a boon! (Not Aaron Boone.) I quickly settled in to watch the game on the big screen.

So, the Yankees beat up on the hapless Boston starter, and got out to a big early lead. They are fighting for a playoff position, so every game counts. The Sox, heading to their third last place finish in four years, are just a shadow of their early 2000s selves. Doesn't take much to beat them these days, but I was reminded of that fateful day in October 1978, the day these teams squared off in a one game playoff for the Eastern Division title. With memories of the 'Boston Massacre' of '78, I looked up and found that that nearly thirty-seven year-old game is on YouTube in it's entirety. What a boon! (No, not that other glorious moment of '03.)

So, as the game today was being played in Boston on the big screen, I had that playoff game from '78 playing at the same time on the little screen on my phone. While I'm partial to Rizzuto, Messer, and White, it was fun and kooky to juxtapose that time and place with Kay, Flaherty, and Cone. Two games played at Fenway Park, almost thirty-seven years apart were unfolding in front of me simultaneously. This was what man-caving was all about!

While today's game had a few unexpected and unsettling moments late, the 13-8 win was fine by me. While the game from '78 played out with no doubts as to the outcome, the memories of that time washed over me. What a treat!


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