Monday, August 10, 2015

Wishing and Hoping

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Weeks after Donald Trump's John McCain's comments, and days after his Megan Kelly dust up, I'm seeing a bunch of news items about how this Republican strategist or that Republican hopeful are calling "last days" for Trump's candidacy. All of these types want nothing more than to have Trump abandon his campaign. The only thing missing from these sentiments are Trump partisans and voters.

Trump maintains his lead over the other Republicans in the race, and it's kind of funny to watch as the RNC, and the other candidates are unable to deal with Trump at all. As Trump careens from each idiotic comment to ridiculous statement, none of the other Republicans can deal politically with him. It's downright hilarious!

The man child that is Donald Trump is as if a teenager was given the omnipotence that a troubled Daddy-pleasing adolescent minded billionaire required to assure himself of his own self worth. And the RNC can't deal with this situation, because other billionaire Republican benefactors, like the Koch Brothers and others, are much the same, just behind closed doors.

Trump has done the electorate a service by revealing the mindset of the conservative billionaire class. That may be the worst thing Trump has done to the Republicans, for their true narcissistic motives and methods are now in full view for the world to see. Fine enough for Republican primaries, but kiss the general election goodbye.

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