Thursday, July 23, 2015

Music to Travel By

Vacations are fun! (Usually, anyway.) When travelling, sometimes a popular song becomes attached to your memories of the trip. Typically, there is no choice as to the song that becomes the theme song to your vacation, but whenever you hear that song again, you are always reminded of the trip.

Here are a few songs that wound up becoming the triggers to the remembrances of a few of my long gone vacations:


                                   Pennsylvania, USA!  (Skiing! On real snow, even!)


                              Paradise Island, Bahamas! (American plan and casino!)


                             Costa Del Sol, Spain! (Hablo poco Espanol! Muy poco!)


                                 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!  (Call me Senor Voce!)


                  Cruise to Halifax, Canada! (They tried, but couldn't overplay it!)

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