Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Man of Peace/Party of War

With the Iran Nuclear Agreement and it's ultimate passage, President Obama has once again defied the maniacal calls to war from the chicken hawks in Congress, and the hysterical bleatings from the Fox News crowd, and treasonous talk radio know-nothings.

There is no trust between the United States and Iran. How could there be? We propped up the Shah and his family for years. His brutal dictatorship paved the way for the fundamentalist Islamic Revolution. Hostage crises to follow, and a Rumsfeld photo op with Saddam Hussein as we helped the Iraqi dictator in his war with Iran.

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After 36 years of sanctions, posturing and failure, Obama, with Secretary of State John Kerry negotiating, have brought the world a chance for a new era in the middle east. Diplomacy, the mark of a civilized nation, helped bring about this result.

Winding down involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, avoiding participation in wars in Libya, Syria and Ukraine, ending stalemate with Cuba, and now an opening to Iran, all opposed by the war mongers on the right in Congress and elsewhere. Clearly, the warlike foreign policy this country has been entrapped in for generations has been shown for the useless wasteful folly that it is.

It's too bad that the obstructionist Republicans that have no interest in governing, who have no alternative ideas on the great issues of the day, be it the economy or foreign policy, are too intellectually stunted to realize that the Obama Administration will prove to be the standard upon which generations of future Presidents will be held to.

Can anyone in their right mind imagine what a President McCain or Romney would have meant to this country? The mind reels at the thought. The roster of gnomes that are vying for the Republican nomination in 2016 would be hilarious if they weren't so scary. 

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