Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sleight of Hand

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You simply have to hand it to the NRA and their minions. In just a matter of days following the latest in the unending string of mass murder with guns in this country, the focus of the entire nation has been shifted away from the absolute necessity of gun regulation to the painless and goofy need to introduce a law that would bring the confederate flag down from a flagpole in South Carolina.

The confederate flag is an offensive symbol of race hatred and white supremacy. That it flies above state capitols in this day and age is a testament to lingering unreconstructed racism extant in the south. Unfortunately, the current focus on it is simply a misdirection.

The free and unfettered availability of guns in this country, and the deaths caused by guns in this country is not just an offensive symbol. It is the mark of a sick and fetishistic society that is unsafe for innocent people of all races. The insanity of the status quo is astounding. 

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