Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Running Like a Nose

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                                                        Scam School Put Out of Business

The raging narcissist that is Donald Trump says he'll run for president as a Republican. He says a lot of things, but he also says that since he's rich rich rich, he will use his own money and be beholden to no one in his campaign.

I have a few questions. Why compete in the Republican primaries and debates and not run as a third party candidate? If he believes all of the things he said during the announcement of his candidacy, why play games with the Republicans? If he really thinks he can simply win by announcing, mud wrestling with eleven other Republican hopefuls will just be the political equivalent of several rounds of dwarf tossing.

The answer must be that this will most entertain his absolute need to have publicity, any kind of publicity at all to feed the gaping maw of an ego that is Donald Trump.

Maybe it is fitting after all. As the Teabaggers and radical conservatives have subsumed the GOP into a comic excuse for a major political party, one more ridiculous and pathetic candidate will not make much of a difference at all.

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