Thursday, May 21, 2015

Spring Cleaning


The other day I cleaned out some boxes of old computer parts that I've had for far too long. Old modems, optical drives, routers and other ephemera, discs and manuals for ancient computers, long gone and almost forgotten. It made more storage space available for what will likely be a new stockpile of scavenged parts that are extracted from computers as they get replaced.

It's amazing how all this stuff used to be cutting edge and so highly prized. But, as the next generation of electronics comes out, the old stuff just gets pushed to the side, or packed up in boxes "in case I need it sometime".  The problem is, I rarely ever do need it again.

I hate to think of all the old smart phones and cell phones sitting unused. They still work, but have zero value and are mostly unsupported by modern wireless networks. It's hard to throw them away, maybe we could used them as repurposed mp3 players? Yes, but we don't. They just take up space.

I won't ever be able to get rid of all the old electronics. I mean, what if I want to watch a low resolution VHS tape some time?

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  1. Maybe if you weren't such a freakin' pack rat...