Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Old School

No, this isn't a primitive slot machine. It's an old time check imprinter. It used to belong to Sherman Gross, long time house manager of the Music Box Theater. 

When Sherman retired, he passed over it to Bob Kelly, treasurer of the Music Box, and when I moved over to the Lyceum, this was my going away gift. 

It still works, as you'd expect of well made mechanical devices of it's vintage. I use it whenever I write checks at the theater, and for the moment when I pull the lever and hear that "ka-chunk" sound of the imprinter, I could be writing a check from the middle part of the twentieth century. 

When the ink ribbon finally ran dry a couple of years ago, I found one company that still had a replacement available. Likely, I should buy a few more now before I'm unable to find new ribbons. 

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