Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Digital Anniversary

The time was May, 1980. Jimmy Carter was still President, American hostages were still in Iran. Mt. St. Helens would blow it's top and Pac-Man would be released in Japan. I was still down on Wall Street, my father was working at the original production of Annie at the Alvin Theater. 

On Broadway, it would be just weeks before Evita would win Best Musical, Children of a Lesser God would win Best Play, and the Best Revival would go to Morning's at Seven at the Lyceum. But something more was brewing at the Lyceum, something that would change forever the way Broadway tickets would be sold. 

Next week, May 26, marks the Lyceum's thirty-fifth anniversary of the first sale of computerized Broadway tickets there, as the predecessor of what would eventually become Telecharge went live at the Lyceum. Other theaters were already on the system, but now the Lyceum was live as well. This event was commemorated by this plaque which hangs in a non-public space at the Lyceum Theater.

Today, it's no big deal. But, thirty-five years ago, big things were happening. 

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