Saturday, April 11, 2015

In Olden Days...


I went to work at the Vivian Beaumont on a Monday morning, the day after Anything Goes won the Tony Award for Best Revival of A Musical. The lines of eager ticket buyers were long and amazingly unending! I remember starting that long, long day just punching out tickets at the window non-stop. It was so busy I think everyone was kind of giddy, but for me, I was just blown away at how massive an experience it all was. It was my first taste of working a bona fide Broadway hit, and probably still the biggest I ever had. The show was a juggernaut!

I had a great time working at Lincoln Center for Fred Bonis, (Lenny's brother!). I learned a lot about the business and the demanding Lincoln Center Theater membership provided a unique lesson in dealing with a public that was not always easy to satisfy.

I remember one day, raw that I was then, I answered a customer in a particularly unprofessional way. Luckily for me, Bob Belkin was on hand to straighten me out, and I remember the incident to this day. I hope I've helped others along the way the way he helped me.

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