Saturday, February 21, 2015


I got another email from that outfit, Your Broadway Genius, that group sales-cum-discounter-cum-smartphone app seller. The one that just happens to be owned by a Broadway producer. Here is an excerpt from the email:

This looks like any number of offers that stuffs our inboxes on a daily basis. But wait, upon further inspection, it appears that Your Broadway Genius, a self described "concierge of Broadway theater" is pushing a show that is being produced by the owner of Your Broadway Genius. Huh, fancy that.

In the "Why We Love It" section of this promotion it lists a few reasons why the email recipient should love it as well. It was produced by the same fellow as The Awesome 80's Prom, and it's great for Birthday Parties and other fun nights out. (BTW- Awesome 80's Prom producer, same guy that owns Your Broadway Genius).

Now, there's no law that is being broken here. I'm not saying that there is. What I am saying is that it's a smarmy and deceitful example of marketing. 

A genius is defined as, among other things, "a person that is exceptionally intelligent or creative." It doesn't make any mention of honesty or integrity. In this latest pitch from Your Broadway Genius, there is certainly none to be found either.

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