Saturday, January 31, 2015

War Crimes and Hypocrisy

There has been an ongoing debate about war crimes arising from reports about water boarding and other forms of alleged torture committed by American forces in the wars following the attacks on 9/11.

The apologists and deniers are steadfast in their defense of American troops actions, in defiance of the Geneva Convention. They've come up with all sorts of excuses and justifications for these heinous actions. It's unlikely that anyone will face prosecution for these crimes against humanity. The only result is the loss of the moral high ground by the United States, and the anger and distrust of the world that we've brought upon ourselves.

Now, the ISIS terrorist Islamic State has arisen and is spreading across Iraq and Syria, and are killing and torturing civilians in their murderous move in the wake of the failed governments in Syria and Iraq. They have remorselessly beheaded civilian hostages and show no signs of stopping.

Oddly, and remarkably, there has been no mention of these acts being labeled as the war crimes that they are. If the beheadings committed by ISIS, and the atrocities committed by other groups such as Boko Haram, are not being called the war crimes that they are, what are they? Muggings?

Being unable to truthfully describe and ultimately adjudicate the actions of terror states or groups, isn't it clear that the war crimes committed by the United States have brought us more disgrace than simply losing our national soul?

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