Saturday, January 24, 2015

Looking Back

My little brother Spence was awarded his 25 year service pin this past Thursday at the union meeting. The notion is mind blowing. Just a few years ago, we were hanging around the house, in black and white:

Then a couple of years after that, I got married. He had grown only a little bit by then, and my hair kind of went thataway:

Before presenting Spence with his pin, union vice-president Matt told the assembled members a story of when he was breaking into the business and working with our father, Manny. It was a funny anecdote, and though my father has been gone for almost 16 years, many members there knew and remembered my father and chuckled at the telling. It was a touching moment, and it felt to me for those moments that my father was actually present at the meeting. The next day I called Matt and told him I was quite moved and thanked him. 

I think I get my pin next year. 

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