Friday, December 5, 2014

Terminate With Extreme Prejudice

With no end in sight to the continuing assault on blacks by the police, what can we expect to come?

Protests, peaceful and violent, are a given. There will be marches, speeches and with them comes the media coverage that will inflate the events, misinterpret them, mischaracterize them, and sensationalize them in the name of ratings.

That will lead to further protests, and additional violence. Politicians will look to make hay on both sides. Police will hunker down and continue to justify their reckless actions. Then comes spring and summer, and the opportunity to continue the deadly spiral.

When will this all come to a head? What will be the tipping point? No one can say, but to be unaware of the potential for catastrophe is like whistling past a graveyard.

In the middle east, where oppression is a way of life, the favored weapon against perceived oppressors is the bomb. It can be delivered by car, truck, or worn in a fashionable and hard to detect vest worn by someone with only need of a one way ticket.

When will the minorities in this country start to resort to these techniques when they believe that this society has no care or respect for them or their lives? As case after case of police malfeasance and misbehavior is met with no accountability or consequence, it's just a matter of time before the oppressed in this country take a cue from what they see happening in the news and around the world.

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