Thursday, December 11, 2014

So Long, Stephen!

December 18 will mark the end of a TV era. The Colbert Report will end its nine year run, as Stephen Colbert prepares to move on as the new host of the Late Show, replacing David Letterman. And though Colbert will continue on late night television, his Colbert Report persona will be retired.

I've always been a fan of Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, where Colbert worked before spinning off to the Colbert Report. He was always funny on the Daily Show, but when the Colbert Report began, I admit I had my doubts. The idea of a show based on a caricature of a right wing blowhard seemed a bit interesting, but I didn't see how the idea could have any legs at all.

It would seem I was as wrong as wrong could be!

The Colbert Report has been a beacon of biting satire for its entire run. The show has featured writing of such consistently high quality, it became easy to take it for granted. I hope that his team will accompany him to the Late Show, because the immense talent involved should continue to be on display for TV audiences.

It's sad that The Colbert Report is ending. But for the opportunity to step up to the Late Show, I don't think there would be any reason to end the show. It's as fresh and funny as it ever has been. It's certainly going out on a high note. 

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