Saturday, September 27, 2014

Votes for Sale

What a boon!

Checks for $350.00 sent to middle class taxpayers in New York State, budgeted for last year, according to the checks themselves, have started to appear across the state. What a great thing in these cash strapped times.

But, what about the social safety net? Good full time jobs with benefits are still hard to come by. Welfare and Medicaid have been cut again and again. Wouldn't that have been a better use of $350 million burning a hole in Albany's pants?

Wait a minute. This is an election year! Could that have anything to do with the timing of this largesse? Of course it does.

Come November, six short weeks away, it would behoove the middle class voters of New York State to remember who's their daddy. $350.00 = 1 or 2 votes.

Thanks Andy C.! You are miles ahead but you've sealed the deal now. After you win the New York State Governor election, on your way to national office, try to remember that winning elections does not equal winning leadership. 

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