Friday, August 15, 2014

Missouri Misery

Another case of an unarmed black person being shot dead by police. The latest case, in Missouri, comes complete with a videotape of a petty theft purportedly committed by the dead black eighteen year old.

Rage in the town, riots and looting make a bad situation worse, yet, how can it be really worse that it is? This is a country where the police routinely and unfairly target blacks for "special" treatment.

Michael Brown, the dead Ferguson, MO. teenager, may have been a petty thief, if the video released by the police is accurate. When last checked, the penalty for petty theft is not death. The police are not the judge, nor the jury either.

This tragedy is only the latest of many similar instances that occur all across the country. The police culture is that of an occupying force, not one of community protection and service. Until and only when that culture changes will there be any chance at all to stop the recurrence of these awful and unnecessary situations. 

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