Thursday, July 17, 2014

Whoa, Nellie, Whoa!

Sometimes there are days that are just overwhelming, and you sink into a state of numbness.

Another Malaysian airliner crashes killing 295 people. It was shot down by someone, either Russia, Russian partisans, or Ukraine. it doesn't matter to the 295 dead, but the controversy is only the latest horror in that idiotic war.

Not to be outdone, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is now escalating and the promise of more meaningless deaths is sure to be kept. The ancient hatreds in the Middle East are boiling over yet again.

On the home front, massive layoffs by Microsoft reveals the true cost of M&A activity in terms of jobs lost, in spite of the finance guys pleasure in it.

And after a roller coaster ride of anxiety, fear and loathing, the LIRR has finally settled with the unions. Disaster averted, but somehow, a bad taste lingers. Was all the drama commuters were put through worth it?

Oh, for the uneventful dog days of summer.

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