Friday, July 11, 2014

Holler Producers Looking to Raise $5 Million to Keep Hear Me Afloat -

Holler Producers Looking to Raise $5 Million to Keep Hear Me Afloat -

Holler If Ya Hear Me is a rap musical based on the songs of Tupac Shakur. It opened last month and got mixed to negative reviews. It has thus far been doing very poor business and will close.

Or should I say, should close.

It's been bleeding boatloads of cash each week, and there seems no sign of improvement anywhere. The producer, a newcomer who admits to rookie mistakes, and a Korean money man used to burning cash on flops, makes for a Broadway fiasco for the ages, as they look for fresh money to keep this loser going.

But what of the marketing agency? I won't name them, because there is nothing any agency could do to save this disaster, but that won't stop them from collecting their hefty fees. I'm sure they sold the producers a bill of goods, but this stinker didn't need a marketer to sell steeply discounted TDF tickets, which is all the reported grosses indicate was done.

The inexperience of the producers doesn't excuse this either, because this happens even to seasoned producers. Broadway marketing firms pull huge resources from shows, and what they give back is precious little, and more likely than not, not worth the cost.

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  1. Let's not forget that the Tony Awards in memorial scroll of Broadway lights who'd passed away this season was not broadcast so that this dreck could be promoted.