Thursday, June 19, 2014

Guns For Hire

The United States left Iraq back in 2011. Now that things are falling apart again in Iraq, the neocons that duped the country into invading Iraq back in 2003 are clamoring for the United States to once again send military forces into Iraq. The insane wrongheadedness is beyond stupefying.  

But, we didn't really fully leave back in 2011. The shadow soldiers, the "contractors" remained behind, and are there now. The private companies that supply mercenaries for hidden activities and make huge sums of money from their government contracts, and achieved a brief period of notoriety back then, are still functioning in Iraq and elsewhere. 

It is just as immoral to use mercenaries as it was to use American military forces in pursuit of a corrupt and illegal policy. The stink of the Bush policies,voiced again by his Vice President Dick Cheney, are wrong now, as they were wrong then. The civil war in Iraq, which was permitted to occur with our removal of Saddam Hussein, threatens to bring Iraq to a ruinous and hate-filled end. 

At this point, oil considerations aside, there is no good reason for any further Americans to die in trying to sort out the ancient hatreds of Iraq's warring religious sects. No group in Iraq furthers American interests, and they have no interest in peaceful coexistence. 

It's time to walk away. 

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