Wednesday, June 11, 2014

All For Naught

Another major victory for insurgents in Iraq, as the U.S. government installed Iraqi government crumbles before our very eyes. The insurgency is gaining more and more territory, more major cities, and there looks like there is no way to stop them.

The group is ISIS, a radical group too radical even for Al Qaida, and that just seems surreal. The Sunni insurgency threatens to destroy the Shi'ite government in power since the exit of U.S. forces in 2011.

It's hard to identify any "good guys" here. It doesn't seem like any of these groups cares a lick for U.S. interests. There's always the oil we went there for back in those heady post-9/11 days when Saddam Hussein was targeted for removal by the neocons of the Bush Administration, but the destruction and upheaval in country makes its extraction untenable.

Thousands of U.S. deaths, injuries, suicides and wasted billions of dollars on a venal, immoral, idiotic foreign adventure that now threatens to degrade into unmitigated chaos. The administration that began by presiding over thousands killed in terrorist attacks, and ended in economic turmoil and upheaval, now we see the echoes of its failed foreign policy just a few years later.

Well, it's almost July the 4th. Let's get ready for the festivities. 

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