Thursday, May 29, 2014

Broadway Generates Nearly $12 Billion for NYC During 2012-13 Season -

Broadway Generates Nearly $12 Billion for NYC During 2012-13 Season -

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This press release, I mean "report", from the Broadway League, has a lot of numbers in it. The numbers are free floating, apparently unaudited, and without any contextual analysis at all.

What jumps out is the $9.6 billion dollars claimed to have been injected into the NYC economy by the activity generated by the Broadway industry. The Playbill article contains no coherent breakdown of this claim or the number purported. I guess we, like Playbill, should take this information on faith.

How these data points were gathered is anyone's guess. Here is how the Playbill article describes the derivation of these numbers:

"The figures comprise spending by producers to mount and run shows; spending by theatre owners to maintain and renovate venues; and ancillary purchases by "Broadway Tourists," who the League defines as "non NYC residents who said that Broadway was a very important reason in their coming to New York City.""

How the "Broadway Tourists" are quantified would make for an interesting peek into how a reader might judge the veracity of this report. It's interesting to note that as of this writing, hours after its release, the New York Times has yet to weigh in on this year end report.

A trade association is little more than a cheerleader. Broadway's cheerleader may only be blowing smoke, but how would we know?

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