Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Where Have All The Straight Men Gone?

A Disagreement with Davenport. ::sigh!::

The Times article buried the lead, sadly. The key notion they are really highlighting is found in the seventh paragraph.

“While a night out at the theater used to be a staple for cultured American men, fewer shows are grabbing them these days.”

The key here, that you miss by a mile, is “cultured American men”. There are no cultured American men getting loaded and vomiting all over the Helen Hayes Theater during Rock of Ages. The cultured American men referred to in this article are six feet under at cemeteries all over the tri-state area. The ones that aren’t have graduated to the TDF membership that they share amongst their friends and family. They don’t have any reason to buy full price tickets, they know how to beat the ridiculous premium/discount apparatus that passes for Broadway pricing these days.

The conjecture offered by the Times article is debatable, but likely close to the mark. Why would any straight male pay up for the Lifetime Movies of the Week that pass for Broadway fare these days? Or happily trudge into the city with the whole family to a kiddie show that will cost more than their mortgage payment that month?

Let’s see. The straight males have gone. The Jews are lessening (and retiring to Florida). The locals have been priced out of the game. You are left with older women, gay men and tourists.

I guess we’ll just have to wait until Oprah gets around to deciding on when and what she wants to do on Broadway.

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