Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kimmel and Bits

Rob Ford, crack smoking mayor of Toronto appeared as a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel late night show yesterday. I've never watched his show, but I know I never will. I don't watch Jerry Springer or Howard Stern or Dr. Phil, for the same reason. These shows only bring on damaged and ill people so that the show and host can make fun of these people and their problems. There is nothing funny or redemptive about any of this.

I know about that feature on the TV called the remote control. No one is forcing me to watch these debacles. I make judicious use of the remote, and I make my choice to ignore these "entertainment" shows. Clearly though, millions of people make the choice to watch them, and avidly.

What does it say about the audience that swallows these kinds of "entertainments"? When I'm feeling disgust at the guests on these shows, and how they are being exploited by the shows, millions are laughing and having a grand old time. You may say, "Different strokes....", but aren't we all human? Is there no commonality of humanity that finds this sort of vulgar exploitation repellent? Is there no debasement that can't be ameliorated by an appearance fee?

As I slide into the abyss of middle age, I find that the tenuous bonds of civility to be wearing away at a faster and faster rate. I realize I'm only echoing the grumblings of every previous generation as it finds the halfway point further and further back in the rear view mirror. Somehow, I'd have expected better, but I suppose that I've only been fooling myself.  

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