Wednesday, November 6, 2013

So, The Truth Comes Out.

Sparring again with Ken Davenport. Blogs at twenty paces.

Hold on a second there!

Does the statement that a theoretical Broadway Index would show a positive ROI mean what it implies?

Can it be that investing in a Broadway show isn’t the black abyss that it is often made out to be? Particularly when you look at the way shows these days are packed to the gills with multitudes of producer/investors, spreading the risk around over most all of the shows that come in any given season, reducing the losses and sharing the winnings?

Are all those bromides about big bad unions and high costs that prevent anyone from believing that there is any rational reason to invest in Broadway just spun from whole cloth?

When a show partially recoups on Broadway, and then goes out on the road to make a profit, or sells rights to TV or movies, or piles up licenses from regional productions, the show still appears as a “flop” on Broadway, but the producers, of course, know better.

Maybe we can move past the tired red herrings about unions and high costs of producing on Broadway and get back to the creating of Broadway shows that audiences want to see and can afford to support.