Monday, October 7, 2013

A life lesson learned from a flight attendant. | The Producer's Perspective

Another rebuttal to Ken Davenport's blog.

A life lesson learned from a flight attendant. | The Producer's Perspective:

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The airline industry, and many of it’s workers have been economically raped over the past few decades. Is it any wonder that flying has become such a hardship lately? From airlines reducing service, nickel and diming their customers (and screwing them over with dynamic pricing and onerous surcharges!), horrible treatment by the TSA to the lost pensions and union busting throughout the industry, it’s a wonder that there are any smiles to be found on airplanes these days.

Perhaps you flew first class, or maybe business class. I wonder how many rules Mr. Three-Bags-of-Cookies broke by giving that stash to you. You may even be a frequent flyer, worthy of such special treatment, while the good sister was not a prime customer, not worthy of such simple kindness. But that’s what you get when you use Big Data to sort out your most profitable customers from the chaff.

Why does this have a familiar ring to it? The airline industry has served as the unworthy model of so much of what Broadway is trying to become these days. From excruciatingly high premium prices, to cattle lines for discounts.

From First Class, it’s easy to turn up one’s nose at what regular folk must endure. It may even start to feel like the peons don’t quite deserve their jobs, or the middle class income that their job used to provide.

As you fly the unfriendly skies, let’s try not to think about what it means for the future of Broadway, while Broadway follows in the footsteps on the same downward path.

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