Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ticketmaster puts resale, unsold tickets in 1 spot

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Ticketmaster puts resale, unsold tickets in 1 spot:

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Jamie Cameron

  • Michael Taustine
    Michael Taustine Good for Ticketmaster. Not good for fans or performers.5d ago
  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie  Michael, I completely disagree with that statement. For fans, it allows them to comparison shop for what is really out there and available in one place. For performers, it ensures they can potentially share in revenue from the secondary market, and have access to all consumer data for the people that actually go to the events (not just the original purchaser of the ticket). 5d ago
  • Michael Taustine
    Michael Taustine Ticketmaster would collect three commissions, the original sale, and both sides of the re-sale. The "potential" sharing of revenues on the resale is still kind of shady, it seems to me. Where would this excess of face value appear on any performance statement? And how might it be audited? And what exactly would the percentage of the share be? Given the Tickets Now debacle of several years ago, why would anyone trust Ticketmaster to handle this sort of secondary market? As far as fans being able to find and compare seats available in one place, who is to say that serves the fans needs in the first place? Fans can check other sites now, often to their benefit.4d ago
  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie C Michael, with or without TM the secondary market exists, and is broken in many ways. This is our attempt to try to fix it, and make it more transparent. All financials are captured and can be reported on however our clients desire. You obviously see things differently now, but over time, I think you will understand. 3d ago
  • Michael Taustine
    Michael Taustine The secondary market may have some issues, but what of the primary market? Monopolistic practices and ever higher fees, along with a panoply of hidden deals and payments between promoters and venues has made for what might best be described as a cornered market and a captive audience. Pearl Jam, Louis C.K. and others all seem to think that Ticketmaster does not serve their fans or them at all. You obviously see things differently, but over time, I think you will understand.2d ago
  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie C Michael - you obviously have a prejudice about my company. i hope you will ultimately see how this will only benefit fans and the industry in general. good luck to you.2d ago
  • Michael Taustine
    DeleteMichael Taustine I have a prejudice against monopolistic behavior by any company that engages in it. Monopolies don't often benefit consumers and I don't think that is a controversial view to hold. Since you do work for Ticketmaster, I would say that you are the one with a prejudiced view of Ticketmaster's behavior and initiatives. Good luck to you, as well.1d ago

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