Sunday, May 19, 2013

Utility Futility

For the past eleven days, there has been no phone service at the Lyceum Theater on Broadway in New York City. Apparently, some cable was cut, and Verizon has been spectacularly unable to repair the problem.

Verizon, bloated monopolist that it is, is apparently unable to understand or assay their own network. Located in the heart of Times Square in New York City, the Lyceum is not some remote outpost that ought to consider itself lucky to be on the grid at all.

You might think that any repair that could not be completed in a timely manner would compel the phone company to install some kind of temporary auxiliary lines to help the affected business, or at least provide cellphones for the employees using their own phones in place of the business lines.

You would be wrong, of course. Verizon is an unresponsive and pathetic excuse for a utility, tasked as it is with the trust of a public utility. They haven't even provided messages that phone service is unavailable for anyone that might be calling in to the affected lines. Just endless ringing, with no notice of service disruptions.

Interesting that tweets are responded to quickly, but real life repairs, forget about it. 

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