Thursday, May 16, 2013

Trust Withering Away

The Obama presidency has veered into the murky and regrettable territory of the lame duck. With the second term won, and the quest for relevance leaking away day by day, it's time for a radical shift to try to correct and restore this administration back to its earlier promise.

Attorney General Eric Holder must do the honorable thing and resign as soon as possible. With more and more scandals piling up, it has become abundantly clear that he is inept and has become a magnet for withering and justified criticism for the clumsy, stupid and ham-handed actions of the Justice Department.

It hasn't taken long for the second term of Obama to succumb to the inevitable temptations of power and the easily justifiable misuse of power. For the same agency to run the fiasco that was "Fast and Furious", to try to explain away secret subpoenas of news organizations phone records, is not only frighteningly Orwellian, but idiotically Nixonian.

Clearly, the abuse of the IRS is a tactic favored by both political parties, and it is a rare but welcome testament to our Press that they were able to expose these arrogant operations in relatively short order. Fresh air and transparency is always the best antidote to government malfeasance, but it is so discouraging that at this late date, after all the political scandals still alive in living memory, that the Obama administration continues to try to ape the very worst tendencies of any number of previous toxic administrations going back to Tricky Dick Nixon.

All the progress achieved by President Obama is put at risk by the clowns responsible for these latest political scandals. The President, for the sake of his administration and his legacy, must sweep away the clods like Eric Holder and appoint able administrators willing to focus on the progressive agenda that he ran on and won with. 

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