Sunday, May 26, 2013

‘Bots’ That Siphon Off Tickets Frustrate Concert Promoters -

‘Bots’ That Siphon Off Tickets Frustrate Concert Promoters -

The promoters and producers want to have it both ways. They want the hefty fees on the ticket sales that they have a stranglehold on, and they want to funnel off as many tickets as they can get away with to their own "sponsored" secondary markets. The interesting thing about these secondary, oh what the hell, let's call them scalper markets, is that the "premium" above face value does not seem to find it's way to the artists, or performers.

Isn't that contrary to every argument these "businessmen" had against scalpers in the first place? That the 'premiums' on tickets in the secondary market should rightfully be shared with the creative talent? Hmm.

There is no end to the hypocrisy of Ticketmaster or their corporate overseers.

And as far as the use of 'bots' are concerned, aren't these programs basically running our financial system these days? Flash trading (and flash crashing) and the running up of trading expenses at the expense of funds that are the basis of the economic security of retirement and pension funds the world over?

Why is unfettered capitalism only okay for the big banks, or for Ticketmaster? How is it in the governments interest to protect a monopolistic enterprise by enforcing the monopolist's "terms of service"?

It is not the government's responsibility to treat boilerplate as settled law.

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