Friday, April 26, 2013

Poison Gas Claim Paves the Way to War,...again?

So now we claim that Syria has used poison gas in its ongoing civil war. The use of poison gas is not only a war crime, but a crime against humanity. It makes a compelling case for going to war against the Syrian regime, if true.

"If true."

 Two small words, with huge and dire consequences. The Bush administration (take your pick of either one) used this accusation to help justify its bloody and idiotic middle east misadventures.

Phoney intelligence reports and hidden policy objectives were the causes of over ten years of murderous, useless and unending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There was nothing true about the infamous claim of "weapons of mass destruction" bleated out by Colin Powell at the U.N.

What national tragedy awaits the United States if we once again blunder blindly into war over horrible but unverified claims? The track record is there and it is a record of abject failure. Whispers of unproven and uncorraborated poison gas use can never be enough to open the door to a new chapter in this country's deadly and dishonest legacy of middle eastern military adventurism.

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