Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What Goes Around...

Boehner and the Republicans that run the House of Representatives have given the New York and New Jersey area the shaft. Again. When even Peter King rips the House Republicans, you know that there has been a seismic event of political betrayal.
How does it feel to be lumped into the hated "North-Eastern elites" that the Neanderthal Tea Party Republicans chauvinistically consider us? The middle class that has too often been conned into voting against their own interests and put into power this group of ideologues that would rather destroy social safety nets than govern mercifully, now gets a bitter taste of radical conservative bile.
This region is suffering on a massive scale,and House Republicans have slapped us down because they have been rebuffed by the electorate, for their own incompetence. Nice family values. Nice patriotism. Nice compassion.

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