Monday, December 17, 2012

Will It Go Round In Circles?

More frequent and stronger hurricanes, coming as a direct result of climate change brought about by human activity and the unchecked release of carbon into the atmosphere. Chloroflourocarbon created ozone holes in the earth's atmosphere are watched, measured and dutifully ignored. We refuse to recognize this and hurtle towards further and more unalterable environmental damage.

Human development in flood zones along rivers and coastlines ignore the inexorable and repeated upheavals wrought by the rising tides and seasonal floods. We refuse to recognize this and continue to rebuild and build out in these vulnerable areas, ignoring the economic waste and human costs of dealing with these periodic and preventable disasters.

Obesity and diabetes run rampant in all ages of the population. Food producers and health officials routinely bemoan and ignore the causes and effects of their actions.  Skyrocketing profits abound in the food, health and pharmaceutical industries, but we ignore the direct and causal relationship between the activities of these players and the known facts. The willfully ignorant population continues to search for the next pill to relieve it's discomfort.

The criminally insane continue to obtain and use guns and assault weapons in murderous rampages all around the country with a frightening increase in frequency. Gun fetishists continue to hold sway with the argument that a two hundred plus year old and ambiguously written law must apply unchecked to any and all of the latest and most devastating of weapons, lest their freedom from tyranny be threatened. The bodies of the innocent, ripped to pieces by military ordinance, because the phoney and duplicitous rhetoric offered up by gun apologists prevent the common sense laws that would solve this problem from being enacted.

We are left to wonder, why?

The childish and ignorant bray on and on about the lack of God in the public sphere. The liars and thieves bleat about how freedom can't be restricted lest our society be sacrificed.

In spite of these ravings we have already lost. We've lost our health. We've lost our environment. We've lost our safety. With all we've lost, there is no true freedom left to be had. Terrorists and their actions did not do this. We've done it to ourselves. The culprits are found in the mirror.

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