Saturday, December 17, 2011

Warming Arctic Permafrost Fuels Climate Change Worries -

Warming Arctic Permafrost Fuels Climate Change Worries -

As the climate change naysayers continue to prattle on in their unending ignorance, the science continues to point the way to the truth. This frightening article is revealing a possible future of this planet that would entail civilization changing repercussions as a result of the human activities on this island earth.

The brain dead radical Conservatives that deny the effects of unchecked, unregulated and out of control burning of fossil fuels don't care a wit for anything other than lining their pockets. They will be gone when the results of these activities hit the fan.

What can you call a rejecting of truth, when the results would be the degradation of a planet, the dislocaton of populations, famine and starvation?

Call it evil.

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