Wednesday, March 30, 2011

David Brock Is a Clownfish -

David Brock Is a Clownfish -

Designated putz James Toronto once again lashes out in the most classless way he can against Media Matters. Using a prime spot within the editorial section of the WSJ, Toronto attempts a weird sort of triangulation by defending News Corp sibling Fox News from the onslaught of little Media Matters. While it seems that the number of MM employees, (stated as 90), is a vitally important issue, the real crux of the issue is that it must be that MM has indeed struck a nerve at the corporate behemoth that is News Corp.

While Media Matters damns Fox News with Fox's own words, letting video clips of the channel speak for themselves, Toronto's mission is to wallow in the muck of name calling and childish insults. There is no honor in being a bully's bully, but there is no honor to be found at News Corp, and Totonto represents his corporate master as directed.

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