Sunday, February 27, 2011

A New Newt - Gingrich Tries to Reconnect With America -

A New Newt - Gingrich Tries to Reconnect With America -

Has he no shame at all?

This morally bankrupt lizard is actually thinking about running for president. That is not to cast any aspersions on the lizard, but Newt Gingrich is both the poorest and greatest example of a Republican/Conservative radical candidate.

A poor example because of his well known behavior in his dissolution of his own marriages in the most disgraceful of circumstances. All the while espousing the perceived immorality of his Democratic opponents. As he lofted bombs at Bill Clinton (whose marriage is still intact), Newt is up to marriage number three and counting. What was that about glass houses?

A great example because this is the pinnacle of radical Conservatism writ large. A dissembling hypocrite, and a faux religionist, he will and has promoted the worst social programs cuts and anti woman legislation imaginable. His record, terrible as it is, is there for all to see.

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