Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dick Morris Dips His Toe In...

Say hi to Dick Morris. Not one to let his whore mongering past get in the way of his opining, Dick doesn't much like Obama or the Democrats he used to work for. He works for Republicans now, he'll work for anybody now, kind of like the sex workers he has employed in the past. If you have money to spend, you get Dick.

The problem with Dick, among many, is that he is just another Fox flim-flam man, whose incoherence is quite appalling. The entire stable of Fox mouthpieces can't seem to figure out if Obama should be credited or blamed for the situation in Egypt. And Laura Ingraham, Dick's enabler in this piece, is just as much a blank slate as Dick is. She hasn't met a radical Conservative position she doesn't endorse. She should be careful with Dick, thought, I'm sure he could suggest a position or two that might, well, curl her toes a bit. 

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