Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Teabag Republicans, Orthodox Jews, and the Amish

What do these three disparate groups of people have in common?

They all, for whatever their reasoning or lack of, want nothing more than to return to bygone days. They are all locked in a philosophy frozen as a bee in amber, that harkens back to a way of life not known for centuries.

To seek to build a society that mirrors the Jewish ghettos of Eastern Europe in the modern world of today is to create a separate world of isolation and distrust. To build a community that lives a farmers' primitive existence that echoes it's lack of modern conveniences and conveyances is to become a curiousity, a museum piece. To attempt to convince our 21st century society that the answer to all of our societal woes is to turn the clock back on 250 years of social progress and govern ourselves solely according to the bare framework that the United States Constitution as written in the eighteenth century, is so stupidly simplistic as to be totally insane.

But, it's true.

The Tea Party constitutionalists, those wild and wacky conservatives, would do just that. Though they are clearly pawns, and merely a front for those that would claim common cause with the worst racist elements in this society, they believe they have a "just cause", a superior philosophy. Nothing is more dangerous than true believers, and the teabag wrapper conceals racists, homophobes, xenophobes, and wealthy conservatives  with no more introspection than to equate patriotism with not having to pay taxes.

I suppose the key difference among my three titular groups is that the Orthodox Jews and the Amish, flaky fellows they may be, live their insular lives to their own spiritual benefit. The hate spewing Teabaggers, tho, live to only unwittingly serve their moneyed masters and their hidden and evil agenda.

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