Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Make Them Work for Filibusters -

Make Them Work for Filibusters -

I've commented on this earlier, and by and large concur with the thrust of this NYT editorial. The problem, other than the Democrats will likely find a way to yield any leverage they may have, is the ultimate problem with our government and the state we find it in today.

The constitutional checks and balances that have served us well in the past are now hanging by the most precarious of threads. Even if one party controlled Congress and President were to pass unfair laws of an unconstitutional nature, the Supreme Court would provide a formidable forum for redress. The prospect of that now is terribly diminished. The Court has morphed into the same ideological swamp that has engulfed Congress and the Executive.

As stinkingly vile as the Senate rules are, given the current state of the body politic, it may not be in the interest of progressive liberal Democrats to tinker with them at this stage of the game. With the ascendancy of the Teabaggers, and the tenacity of the Republican/Conservative radical right wing zealots, maybe we should wait for a more sane era in this country before losing any legislative firewalls.

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