Sunday, January 23, 2011

Legacy of a Fence -

Legacy of a Fence -

There is little more depressing about our government's abrogation of it's duty to govern, or the tossing under the bus any inconvenient American principles of separation of powers, than this latest example of the unwillingness to govern in the post-9/11 age. We have politicians, not statesmen running this mockery of a Congress.

It is the disgusting path of governing by poll, rather than leading the country for the good of all. The incompetent and corrupt, the idiotic and the ignorant are running the show, shifting and turning as if a rat in a maze, and nothing gets done, policies remain muddled and unsettled.

It's becoming increasingly difficult to see this country as worthy of it's constitutional freedoms, so willing are we to set them aside for the sake of expediency.

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