Thursday, January 27, 2011

Henninger: A Presidency to Nowhere -

Henninger: A Presidency to Nowhere -

Spoken like a true head in the sand zealot.

The policy initiatives that Henninger and his ilk so long for are ideas non grata in a bought and paid for by special interests Congress. There is no way to eliminate subsidies on Big Oil and plant the seeds for new green industries when the lobbyists for Big Oil control Congress. Not that that bothers Henninger, who scoffs at the notion of high speed rail while no doubt bemoaning how unpleasant flying has become. It doesn't mean much to him that solar shingles could, when deployed on a nationwide scale, result in jobs and more affordable energy for everyone in the country, while reducing the stranglehold of unstable and brutally repressive oil exporting regimes.

These Republican/Conservative radicals want not to provide for the welfare of our country and the future of it's citizenry, but only to allow the rapacious profiteering and continued preferential status of big business. They are false patriots and liars.

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