Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A disappointing State of the Union address- WAPO

A disappointing State of the Union address

Disappointing more so because of the audience it was delivered to. Congress is locked up and congenitally unable to lead on the issues, or for that matter, follow Obama's lead. The Republican/Conservative radicals ensconced in the House of Representatives, starting their term off with a call for repeal of the entire health bill reform passed just months ago, does not appear to be fertile ground for bipartisan problem solving or legislative action. The Republican/Conservative radicals in the Senate, misusing that houses' rules to freeze any legislation brought forth by the majority party, shames that body while in the process calls into doubt Congress's ability to function at all.

Wasting "disappointment" on a speech no one really disagrees with is really just disheartening. There is no real hope that any of Obama's initiatives will come to fruition when paired with an obstructionist Congress. To not correctly identify what is truly disappointing, shows that the purveyors of that view, however well intended, allows the rotten state of affairs that is the U.S. Congress to ramble on unchecked.

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