Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dana Milbank - Republican spending plan signals a new culture war

Dana Milbank - Republican spending plan signals a new culture war

Nothing new here, the culture war has been raging for decades.

How is it that when the Democrats controlled the three elected branches of government, the Republicans were quite successful in obstructing the Democrat legislative agenda? Now that the Republicans have the House of Representatives, just one of the three, all the rhetoric we hear in the media is how the Republican agenda will carry the day. The morass that is the Senate still has a Democratic majority, notwithstanding arcane rules that allow any minority to freeze the entire body. With a sitting Democratic President, no veto can be over-ridden by Congress as currently constituted.

The Democrats remain unable to competently communicate to the electorate and shape any image of themselves as anything other than mincing, mealy mouthed bureaucrats. The media has long since abdicated their historically proper role as advocate of truth and disseminator of factual information.

For all of the "outrage" of the Republicans/Conservatives in their call to cut every and all cultural programs they disagree with,in the name of deficit reduction, the fact is it is all smoke and mirrors. It all comes down to cutting taxes on the wealthiest of Americans. Witness the lame-duck session compromise on the Bush tax cuts. No deficit reduction there! Just Republicans/Conservatives displaying unyielding fealty to their moneyed masters.

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