Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bret Baier aka Rapper

Just as when Karl Rove and friends did their rap turn, the spectacle leaves one in a true state of cognitive dissonance. Baier, Rove and the entire crew at Fox News take a continuously racist and condescending stance toward minorities and particularly blacks. Yet, it seems like these white boys are looking to bust a move whenever they think nobody is watching. These throwdowns always seem to happen in the privileged conclaves blocked to the common folk.

There are, of course, two possibilities to explain this, not mutually exclusive.

1. These white suburban Foxies truly enjoy and have no problem co-opting the urban culture of a class    they don't even care about as they oppress and exploit them by day.

2. On a more honest if racist level, these Foxies use these disjointed displays as a parody-cum-minstrel show.

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